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Who am I?

Back Alley Antics is a free* annual summer event in Saskatoon organized by Free Flow Dance Theatre. Artistic presentations in various disciplines take place in back alley locations. Participants and their friends and fans have been meeting this way for 12 years. This year, July 14, they met in alleys near Idylwyld Drive and 33rd Street.

The piece “Who Am I?...”, was presented by Eveline Boudreau (as X) and Eleanor Knight (as Y) as a humorous homage to identity. Performer X is an optimistic dreamer who treasures a box with mysterious contents. Y comes to life, immediately searching to discover who she is. Both wear masks - Y wears only one mask while X has several, changing them in an attempt to communicate with Y. Both use fabric, expressing emotions, enhancing movements. Communication between the two proceeds in an eight minute story about connecting and seeking identity. The dramatic contrasts between X and Y end positively when Y happily discovers that she is a BIRD!

*Donations are accepted to support Free Flow Dance Theatre programs.