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Elles nous manquent… Missing

Elles nous manquent – Missing, tells about missing women, their displacements, risks, vulnerability. They are missing because of various reasons and simply because they are women.

Elles nous manquent... Missing, is a meditative piece commemorating women victims of violence in our community, December 6th event (the Montreal massacre of 1989), the missing women around us and the numerous aboriginal woman.

The performance is filmed in a secure space focusing on rendering homage to missing women, liquidated from our community. The use of movements becomes tableaux. In this video, there are sounds and silences, movements, images... All these speak in unison as the artist occupies a space, communicate ideas and suggests a moment of reflection to the viewer by slowing down time. She suggests a reflection on a situation, the first step toward imagining or creating strategies of transformation and change. Admittedly, this topic sits on the margins of society as one we do not like to address. This question must not only be about 'Who are they' but 'Who am I'.

The performance art piece, Elles nous manquent… Missing, consists of my solo 15-minute stage/gallery live performance, with a drummer, where the public is invited to participate.
*See Video Clip (1 min) included herewith: Elles nous manquent… Missing  (2014)
Note: a more complete video (11 min) is available on request.

Description of the video: Elles nous manquent… Missing  (2014)
Artist performer, director, producer, editor: Éveline Boudreau
Percussionist: Duane Dorgan

Videographer: Artin Lahiji
Photographers: Richard Kerbes & Bas Hobson
Artistic support: Natasha Martina
Technical support: Stacy Muller
Location: Filmed at the Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, Saskatoon, SK
Date: March 8th 2014

It is a requiem for missing women, their displacements, risks, and vulnerability. The artist’s movements become tableaux, with sounds and silences. It is a meditative piece commemorating female victims of violence in our communities, the Montreal massacre of 1989, and the current shocking numbers of missing aboriginal women.

Future presentations: the set of movements can become a 15-minute stage/gallery live performance presentation where the public is invited to participate.

Vidéo on demand: 11 min