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Dear friends  -  I love plastic!
October 1st, 2016

My individual and collective work combines performative actions and reflections. My performance piece in Saskatoon’s Nuit Blanche on October 1st, 2016, is about plastic and water. That topic fits the event’s theme of food, with a personal, humorous and friendly approach. Symbolically wearing colorful homemade plastic robes and holding a serving tray, I offer a choice of drinking waters. My performance consists of interaction with people promenading for Nuit Blanche in a dimly-lit park located between the streets and the river.

Aiming for convivial action and participation, I initiate conversations with the title of my piece, and go on with anecdotes, spontaneous findings, and interrogations, which lead us to my Fictitious Survey. My performance goes from a sense of humor to communication and discussion about our present dependency on, and obsession with, plastic. This leads to more serious topics, e.g. plastic mixing with our life-giving water to the point where plastic is entering our bodies*.     Thinking can contribute to life…        
Thank you for having taken part in my Fictitious Survey. Or do it now!       

*Amongst further references see: “The oceans are so polluted, we're now eating plastic”.