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March 8th, 2017

On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017, in Saskatoon, Eveline Boudreau and Jill L. Ferguson explored the pleasure of words and images with the public through an art performance piece called Dreamlands. They used short quotes, about women and humanity, which they had chosen previously from 20 authors, and had assembled into a booklet with an image for each quote. In their performance, downtown and in the Broadway area, they used the booklet to interact with passersby on the street or in cafes etc. The booklet and performance covered a range of ideas on the themes of diversity, duality and dynamism, as follows:

  • Diversity - Exposure to diverse and great writers extends horizons of the mind, the heart and the body.
  • Duality - A family’s past, present, and future includes happiness or distress, conviviality or loneliness, health or trauma. Contradictions occur and mark us all.
  • Dynamism - Words and images can be a source of inspiration. The performers sought to bring to their participants an active inner landscape, a vision of a better world.

Participants were encouraged to voice their opinions about the quotes, how they spoke to them, or did not, and what emotion was evoked. Nearly one hundred booklets were gifted to individuals throughout the community in celebration of women, with the intention that the quotes and images will inspire further reflection.