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Step 1

Cycle of Seasons  -  Passage of Time  

Conceived to take place in relation to the 2016 Saskatoon NatureCity Festival, this performance piece occurred in four steps: the first three between May 20th and May 27 (each taking 15 minutes to a day), with Step 4 on an infinite, on-going moment.

  • Step 1 – Friday with my dance group at the studio
  • Step 2 – Monday, collecting plastic garbage
  • Step 3 – Thursday, in a park, wearing my plastic and getting rid of it
  • Step 4 – Indefinite – an image of a body sculpture made of felt

Step 1 – A survivor, I am coming out of winter; my body is protected with a natural wool blanket. Dancing with my group at the Dance Saskatchewan studio, a relationship between these women and me develops. With their insistence I become “dégagée”, my body opens, becomes adventurous. They induce to drop my blanket, symbolizing end of winter and beginning of spring. Our movements show emotions, attractions and good feelings for the passage of the seasons.

Step 2 – I am adapting to our society, which has a huge and increasing dependency on plastic. I wander in my city, gathering discarded plastic products, trying to adapt to today’s life style. I become part of it, I am in it. My collected plastic garbage becomes my cover, my raiment.

Step 3 – I arrive at Kiwanis Memorial Park totalled robed in my collected plastic and trailing plastic objects. Plastic has overwhelmed my life. But my mind wants to resist, desiring an escape. I need support from people around me to get rid of this plastic. With their help I finally shed the plastic, recovering and replacing it with Green and natural fabrics, symbolic of spring and life.

Step 4 - Photo of a sculpture by Robert Morris (1996, 199 x 400 x 124 cm, grey felt)

This sculpture symbolizes our body, our being in relation to nature, and how comfortable, natural and traditional materials have helped human beings to survive.

Credit: My plastic clothes were created by Jean-Marie Michaud

Step 2

Step 3 & 4